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“The LifeLift SOULutions Experience©” Leadership Development Seminars for Corporate, Community, and Government Leaders

Dr. Ted Anders developed the LifeLift SOULutions Experience and initiated the related “LoveLight Campaign” movement in 2013. The 6-8 hour experience is provided to individuals and large groups of any faith path; or those holding an agnostic or atheist perspective. However, the experience seems to be most powerful and insightful for those who welcome or allow the assistance of the Holy Spirit at essential moments of self reflection in the seminar.

The method and experience open each of us to the existence of our highest and best Self—the True Masterful Self …the Self beyond the defensive ego we each built to manage and protect us from inherited and adopted family and societal pain. Indeed, the LifeLift SOULutions Experience leads participants out of self-limiting beliefs into the experience of Self as the eternal unified consciousness which is experienced as an omniscient, omnipresent, radiant, field- of-infinite potential which has both the quality of Love and the nature of Light. The Christian community has historically referred to this experience as “the peace that passes all understanding.” Islam has a rich and influential history of mystical masters such as Rumi and Hafiz who modeled and taught “the way” of ultimate inner peace. Alternatively, this awareness space is often described in the “new age” community, possibly best elucidated by Eckhard Tolle, as “The Power of Now” in that place in which “Stillness Speaks.” Buddhists often describe this space as the “radiant void.” Hindus refer to it as Nirvana. Whatever one feels most comfortable calling it, the important point is that one need not wait until physical death to awaken to it. This space/experience exists always within us/through us/as us and is the natural, loving, joyful creative essence of The Divine Pattern within each one of us. (For further insights, reference Dr. Ernest Holmes’ concepts presented in the book, “This Thing Called You.”)

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