The LoveLight Campaign for Central American Emigration Reduction Transforming Root Causes in the Northern Triangle

Campana Amor y Luz para la Reduccion de la Emigracion Centroamerica Transformar Las Causas Fundamentales en el Triangulo Norte

The Episcopal Church of Honduras

The Episcopal Church of Honduras

Anglican Episcopal Church of El Salvado

Anglican Episcopal Church of
El Salvador

C and M Lifeline

C and M Lifeline

VISION for the LoveLight Campaign

To create and serve as the most effective inter-religious sacred and secular organizational force which coordinates and activates national, regional and global partners to steadily reduce irregular migration in the Northern Triangle of Central America… by supporting the security and integral development of these countries, based on the values of the Gospel and human rights.


Reduce irregular migration of nationals from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador through comprehensive care for migrants and potential migrants which includes implementation of: comprehensive tri-national social and economic development programs to prevent irregular migration; environmental restoration or adaptation of communities to climate change; implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); reduction of human trafficking and smuggling of migrants; contributing to public safety and sustainable security institutions.

Eliminating the 5 root causes of desperate migration:

  1. Violence/lack of security;
  2. Joblessness/endemic inescapable poverty;
  3. Corruption (i.e. mis-direction of allocated funds which could resolve causes 1, 2, 4 and 5);
  4. Climate change damage -- inadequate food and water supplies;
  5. Lack of education access.

LoveLight Campaign ™Central American Transformation Commission

North Triangle Episcopal Bishops’ Official Proclamation (First Draft Translation)

The communities of faith as well as all people who are outraged, yet compassionate and eager to change the very poor conditions in which they have lived for decades in Central America hereby state that, despite unsuccessful efforts and broken promises, people continue to migrate and live illegally in North America. Very little has been done to solve the growing problem that time and time again turns into tragedy and pain due to loss of human life, family disintegration, living in fear, insecurity, and where they are not fully protected by the law. What has been done up to this point has not solved any of those tragedies. “Until when oh Lord I cry out and you won’t listen?” Habakkuk 1:2

From this perspective, we, the Bishops of the Episcopal dioceses of the Northern Triangle of Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras) and our international partners, led by Dr. Ted Anders, Mr. Daniel Hammond, and the C & M Lifeline team, outraged by the circumstances that exists in our countries that have led to irregular migration, we raise a single Voice, against the causes which have led to cross-border human trafficking, vast unemployment, social violence, poverty, and lack of opportunities, among others. Faced with this reality, we are called to be agents of change with prophetic commitment and love for our neighbors, in order to provide a better quality of life, which should include access to health care, education, decent work with sustainable wages, and the possibility of living in a protected environment with a focus on environmental regeneration that guarantees the protection of nature and its resources, as well as  the food sovereignty of every person to effectively contribute to the massive reduction of irregular migration from our countries.  We intend to cause a reduction of no less than 85% in a period of 10 years. For the aforementioned We consider:

  • The urgent need to provide minimum conditions that guarantee access to education and health for the entire population, especially those that have been forgotten by public services in our countries.
  • That one of the causes of migration is the lack of job opportunities, with decent wages that can guarantee the coverage of basic needs.
  • That one of the factors of explosion for the migration of families is the generalized violence, which gives a sense of hopelessness to the communities.
  • The great risks that come with irregular migration, because of the violence and victimization they are subject to on their way to North America, as well as the use of the people for criminal purposes and the criminal structures that have been created that do business from this irregular migration.
  • That Climate Change and the effects of Covid 19 disproportionately impact the poorest people and especially those with less social protection.

We resolve:

Invite and involve people and organizations to form the LoveLight Campaign ™ Commission as members who can help acquire and administer 1.5 billion dollars (or whatever amount is required) over the next 5 years to achieve our goals, to fully fund our identified objectives, and sustain our operations over the next 10 years… or until we can complete our goal.

To achieve these goals of regional stability and prosperous nations, we are committed to causing the following social transformations:

a) Access to education, healthy food, drinking water

b) Employment opportunities with decent salaries to support hope for the family’s future

c) A safe, stable and non-toxic environment

Original VersionSigned in Guatemala City, 7 September, 2021

Love Light Campaign Commission for the Transformation of Central America
Official Proclamation of the Episcopal Bishops of the Central America Northern Triangle

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Signing of the LoveLight Proclamation


First Meeting in Siguatepeque, Comayagua

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